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How to use this website


Navigate the site by clicking on the category of the items you are interested in, found along the top of the page.

Or use the search feature at the top right hand corner of the page.



When using the search feature, found at the top of each page, type in the name of the item you are looking for, called a "keyword".

You can be general or specific for example "52" X 118" table cloth" or  just "table cloths".

After you click the search button, a page will open with a list of links specific to the keyword you typed in. Click on the page name that best suits your search.

Once on the category page you want, scroll to find the item you are interested in.

Each item image is clickable and a larger picture will be displayed of that item.

When you have found the items you are looking for, enter the quantity and click on "add to wish list"

Wish List

Each time you click on "add to wish list"  you will see a list forming at the right hand side of the page. You can see your wish list after you have added a few items by clicking on "view/edit" just below the list or by clicking on "Get a Quote" in the category bar at the top of the page.

After you have added all the items to your wish list you can send a copy to your email address and if you choose you can send a copy to us as well and we will check it over and send you a customized quote including taxes, delivery etc.

If you want Delivery and/or Pick-up

Check the box at the bottom of the your wish list where it says "delivery"

Delivery prices are one way only so you can choose, by checking the box(s), to have delivery or pick-up or both.

Delivery prices are specific to the area of the Coast and will be determined by us and included in your quote.

Delivery and Pick-up prices can be seen  here, on the "policies" page found in the top right hand corner.

Enter your information

It is important that you enter your

DATE of your event

ADDRESS of your event ( if you want Delivery and/or Pick-up. )or further assistance on ordering, please call us at 604-886-00838



For further help or information use the "contact us" we will be happy to assist